Label Connector Online Terms and Conditions:

Label Connector is the property of Accuware Incorporated.  Accuware maintains all intellectual property rights to Label Connector. 

Accuware accepts no liability to damage incurred while using Label Connector , nor any liability resulting from down time occurring from the inability to maintain the use of the Label Connector for technical reasons, nor any damages occurring from mis labeled materials.

Label Connector for Online edition is a monthly subscription payment that entitles 1 user to use the software. If a user abuses the 1 user license the publisher Accuware Inc reserves the right to terminate the license without refund for previous months.

Label Connector software is not returnable or refundable. Label Connector license is not transferable.

Users are prohibited from using Label Connector for illegal purposes.

Privacy Policy:

Accuware gathers data on user behavior including but not limited to quantity of labels printed , size of labels used and model of the printer being printed to.  Accuware may use this data for its own purposes to support customers as well as to offer customers products and services.

Sync of some accounting Data:

Some aspects of Label Connector may synchronize some accounting data such as Item, product names and product attributes. This is performed purely to aid with product performance since Label Connector farms item and transaction data for printing on labels.  No payment information is synchronized , nor does collection of this type of data fit our business model. Accuware occasionally queries for Invoice data at the customers direction in order to print labels or invoices for customers.